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Stella Martin, Customer Service

Stella is one of the shining stars in our Humpback® customer service department. While she was getting her B.A. in English at UT, she worked in a clothing boutique (and has said she would just die if she ever lost a wardrobe box), but don't let her love for clothing fool you. One of her favorite pieces of literature is Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost, her favorite writing style is postmodernism (she prefers the primarily Southwestern novels of Cormac McCarthy), and she also favors that darkest and most mythical of horror writers, H.P. Lovecraft.

Originally from Del Rio, Stella can't go long without Mexican food. She loves to scuba dive and travel (and scuba dive while she's traveling). She also loves yoga and music, which includes watching fellow customer service rep Vinnie play bass for his band, Sweet Bottom.

Vinnie Scalco, Customer Service

Like so many Humpback® employees, Vinnie likes to swim on the artistic side of the pool. He plays bass in his own band, Sweet Bottom, which formed after a recent foray into Zilker Park to play live for an Austin Shakespeare production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. When he's not serving Humpback® customers, Vinnie likes to read about time travel and weird philosophical tangents, so it's appropriate that he visits the Flying Saucer once a week with his friends, especially fellow Humpback® employee Hunter Armstrong, although he believes the experience may have led him to become a beer nerd (the hoppier, the better). He's been a student, a delivery driver, he's managed a Gamestop (he used to be an avid gamer) and has served the Erwin Center VIP suites. Now he delivers exceptional service to Humpback's® customers and his fellow employees.

Hunter Armstrong, Director - Inside Sales

This bright young son of our own CEO has made his way into the Humpback® family through a twist of unrelated fate. Hired on deck to help solve problems pertaining to today's technology, his big smile and clever head quickly made him an obvious choice for other duties. In addition to upgrading systems and debugging others, this Armstrong tackles the customer relations tasks of inside sales and marketing on a daily basis.

A happy guy with an eye for the good life, Hunter's computer crush can only be matched by his love for fast cars and motorcycles. He spends his after work hours at his own home in the company of his two housemates and their resident pup: Smigel. Luckily for Hunter, the happy life is what he wants and it's what he's got. Luckily for Humpback®, they've got both halves of Hunter: his computer 'know how' and his charismatic 'how do you do?'

Jimmy Rogers, Operations

Jimmy is undoubtedly the best catch of Humpback® Junk Removal. Mysterious and to himself, you might never know that Jimmy is to be credited with the ease of day-to-day operations and our overall smooth moves. A father and a grandfather, Jimmy is responsible for educating and training the young men here at Humpback® Junk Removal.

With over 25 years of experience behind him, he is manning the deck at Humpback® Junk Removal because he simply likes what he does. Oh, and Jimmy is a fisherman. Figures.

Brad Armstrong, President & CEO

Brad Armstrong is the man that started the magic at Humpback® Junk Removal. He's a lawyer, father, pilot, entrepreneur, business coach, and winner of more entrepreneur and business awards than one can count.

Brad's dedication, integrity, and grit are what got Humpback® Junk Removal off the ground, sent it through the roof, and continue to push it to new heights.

A Texas man with an affinity for the California coast, Brad is eager to bring out the best in his crew and his clients. He believes in people, and he fosters success where it can be found.

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