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It's simple. When you're ready to get rid of that old couch and kitchen table, or have all that packing material or construction debris hauled off, call us at (512) 637-7779. The top-notch phone staff at Humpback® Junk Removal will set up a day and time for us to come to you.

When we arrive, a dejunkification™ technician will give you a free quote for the junk removal job. As soon as we settle on a price, our professional humpers will start taking your unwanted stuff away. All you have to do is sit back and call the shots.

We load what you don't want and we clean up the messy trail that moving old stuff leaves behind. All of your old belongings are then taken to a Goodwill® donation location for repurposing or to a recycling center to be renewed and reused; we consider the dump to be a last resort. We constantly look for ways to support our local charities like Goodwill®, and other local charitable foundations. It's that easy.

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